1984 Kramer Pacer Deluxe

The change from the Strat head brought about the “modified-Strat” or “classic” head era. Clearly a trimmed down Strat head, the Classic head served as a new design for Kramer in the coming years and brought about some new models. 1982 was the first year for the Pacer Carrera and “The Pacer” models. The Carrera was an all black model (neck included) with no face dot markers and 2 hums with a black-finished Rockinger tremolo and 2 vol/1 tone knobs and 3 way switch. The earlier ones have the side dots, the later ones don’t. Logo also said “Carrera by Kramer” at first but was changed to “Kramer Carrera” down the line. This was Kramer’s top of the line Pacer for a while and it was entirely black including tuners. “The Pacer” was Kramer’s stab at the Strat market. It had 3 single coil pickups, a tortoise shell pickguard, 1 vol and 2 tone knobs and a 5 way switch. These like the others, came with either the Rockinger or the vintage trem or with a ESP Flicker which was an option through 1985.1982 also marked the beginning of Van Halen’s contract with Kramer which had directly brought about some changes to the Pacer line as well as others and eventually, along with Floyd Rose, brought the company out of the financial pinch it was in.

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